Breast implant analyzer

An easy-to-use, validated method for calculating breast implant volume from mri pre-operatively  

BreastImplantAnalyzer was designed to be as easy-to-use as possible for plastic surgeons. Using a simple interface, a patient's MRI can be loaded into the application and a semi-automated algorithm will determine the volume of the implant. This program was tested on clinical data and achieved an average accuracy of 98.5%. The hope is that this program provides valuable pre-operative information to plastic surgeons to improve surgical planning and optimize patient outcomes. Instructions for installation for 3D Slicer and how to use the program are available here.

BreastImplantAnalyzer is available as a standalone program for Windows and Mac OS X, or as an extension for the popular medical imaging software 3D Slicer, compatible with Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux. For Windows and Mac, simply unzip the archive and run the application, no installation necessary. The source code of the program is available here.

BreastImplantAnalyzer was developed by Lance Levine at the University of Miami under the guidance of Dr. Kassira.